Where to Buy Cheap Dresses Online

Update: Check out my latest selection of fashionably-cheap dresses at the new ‘FC Shop‘.

Shopping for cheap dresses online is fun, but if you don’t know where to start, it can be time consuming. To get you started here is my review of eight online stores (in no particular order) offering gorgeous, affordable dresses.


Asos has a variety of gorgeous, cheap dresses – and it’s a must visit! You can shop by brand, price range, color, size, and new arrivals- there’s just so many choices! Find out all the emerging trends in the fashion industry, and learn how to pull off the latest looks for every occasion with Asos’s online magazine and weekly newsletter. Join the fashion conversation at Asos Blogs, an excellent resource for street style and everything cool. And the fun doesn’t end there! Take a look at the SALE section to find amazingly reduced prices. Make sure you check out all the ongoing competitions and freebies too!

2. WetSeal.com

Another of my favourite online clothing stores, Wetseal.com has a wide selection of fashionable dresses, at the lowest prices you can imagine. Wetseal’s dresses thrill trend-savvy customers by giving them contemporary fashion at the best possible value. Not to mention the amazing shopping experience one has while at wetseal.com-you can shop with friends using a social network; you can browse by size, style or Just Arrived. Check out ‘The Hotspot’ for the latest scoop in fashion and style, including chances to get your hands on some amazing deals and freebies. And as if all of that wasn’t convenient enough, you also have the option to browse by ‘Online Exclusives’ and save time! What a way to shop! Head to wetseal.com and get all the fabulous dresses at bargain prices- they’re just a click away!

3. Dotti.com.au

One look at Dotti.com.au and you know you are in for super chic dresses on a budget. The website itself has a very youthful appeal- fun and creatively designed. Every time I visit their website, I feel like dressing up for no reason! It brings out the designer in me; I begin to rummage through my closet to see how I can create a new look from my existing wardrobe. I must admit, the prices here are slightly higher, but I wait for them to get reduced on sale. Take this gorgeous Francis Print Tea Dress which was AUD 69.95, but is now only AUD 19.95! Get your hands on these tempting dresses now! Head to Dotti.com.au- on sale items don’t last long!

4. OldNavy.com

For great fashion finds at great values, Oldnavy.gap.com is the place to go. Here, prices go as low as $10, and amazing deals await you every other day! Catering for women of all sizes, from tall, petite, plus size, and even mothers-to-be, Old Navy helps you find your exact fit in a variety of styles and colours- helping you save time too (potentially saving you money again!). You can also benefit from product reviews other customers write. If you can’t read through them all, simply check the review summary and the number of votes for each category, such as overall size, chest, waist, sleeves, and length. Find out what customers think are highlights of the dress, such as flatters smaller bust, or slims waist. You can even find out what occasion the dress is worn at the most. Love it!

5. Supre.com.au

Supre.com.au has stylish dresses at bargain prices. It has an amazing collection of cheap chic dresses; starting from $15. You’ll also find items on sale for as low as $5! Browse by season, style, colour, size and price range- there are plenty of choices! Check out the ‘Hot List’ for all the hottest trends, and see what’s new at ‘New Arrivals’. Don’t miss the section called ‘Which Supre Girl Are You?’ Here you can choose from Party Vixen, Bohemian Chic, and Prep Queen- whatever your style preference, Supre caters to it all. I love it when a website provides photos of models modelling their clothes, as it gives me great styling ideas. Supre.com.au does just that- it has full length photos, including videos, of models wearing Supre products. Buying cheap dresses online has never been this enlightening!

6. Tillys.com

Tillys has a huge selection of breathtaking, pretty dresses with lots of floral prints, feminine cuts, and gorgeous patterns. Tillys’ dresses provide a soft, womanly appeal, without overdoing the girly girl factor- making them ideal for both work and play. What’s more, Tillys’ dresses are fashionably cheap- take a look at this Angie Flower Dress that is on sale for AUD 22.00, reduced from AUD 28.30. It is stylish enough to wear for lunch or dinner, worn by itself in summer; or with boots and leggings, and a trench or an Aviator Jacket in winter.  There are gorgeous dresses on sale right now, so go to Tillys.com and get started on buying cheap dresses online!

7. Forever21.com

An all time favourite of mine, Forever21 is a one stop shop for any fashionably cheap chic, no matter what your size. Fashion trends are ever-evolving at Forever21.com;  it’s a hub for the style-conscious shoppers on a tight budget. To simply say that the website is easy to navigate would be an understatement. With amazing, affordable deals, fabulous finds at prices starting at $0.95, free tips and style ideas, and plenty of categories to browse from, shopping at Forever21.com is an utterly joyful experience you don’t want to miss! For all your discount dresses needs or wants, head to Forever21.com today!

8. Valleygirl.com.au

Look fantastic in Valleygirl’s assortment of cute dresses- the best thing is, you won’t have to spend all your savings on them! Take a look at this Combo Body Con- was AUD 29.95; is AUD 21.00! This dress has an elegant chiffon puff cap blouse and body con skirt with front button detail- perfect for smart work wear or a corporate function! And if you ever run out of ideas, check out the section ‘Style Notes’. No matter what your style or what the occasion, Valleygirl.com.au has it all covered at ridiculously low prices!

9. Victoriassecret.com

Victoria’s Secret don’t only do bras and lingerie- they also sell dresses among swimwear, tops, pants and much more! And boy, are their dresses gorgeous! They have a variety of dresses from sexy dresses, beach dresses, bra-top dresses, and convertible dresses, at very competitive prices. Victoria’s Secret’s dresses have a cool and sexy appeal, but they’re far from slutty- that’s what I love about Victoria’s Secret.  Adding to all that goodness, there are great deals and bargains to be found, with clearance rates of up to 70 per cent off!

I hope you’ve found this Where to Buy Cheap Dresses Online review useful. Do you know of any cheap online dress stores that are not on my list, or do you have any comments or feedback regarding the stores on my list? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Fashionably yours,

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